This is a full-time (40 hours/week) position, which includes all aspects of maintaining the daily operation of the Riverwest Co-op Café. This position requires various administrative tasks, being on call during normal cafe hours, delegating operational tasks to employees/volunteers, and serving on different committees.

The café is not only a very active neighborhood eating/gathering place, but also a profitable enterprise. We are seeking the right individual who has the vision, time and talent to develop this unique Riverwest venue.

Daily Duties

  • Work 20 hours minimum per week in the cafe.

  • Respond to customer requests and concerns promptly.

  • Monitor and order products and supplies.

  • Check refrigerator temperatures.

  • Be on-call for any staff issues.

  • Utilize co-op’s existing social media presence to promote specials and attract customers

Staff Management Responsibilities

  • Hire and manage all café employees.

  • Scheduling staff.

  • Train staff to comply with all applicable health and safety laws.

  • Train all staff in kitchen prep, cleaning, recipes and service.

  • Train volunteers when needed.

  • Adjust hours and assign tasks to meet customer demand.

  • Maintain and update task lists for employees, such as opening and closing procedures.

  • Conduct performance reviews.

  • Organize and manage the monthly cafe staff meeting.

  • Train/assist staff in operational tasks, such as: placing orders with UNFI, Wildflower, and Auburn; organizing the walk-in and basement; assisting with quarterly inventories; food and space preparation, and planning for events

Kitchen Management Responsibilities

  • Maintain café environment to health code requirements.

  • Maintain and repair equipment.

  • Oversee recipe consistency and develop new items.

  • Monitor food sales.

  • Ensure café’s compliance with applicable laws: business license, permits, health regulations, labor laws, etc.  

General Management Responsibilities

  • Attend weekly Workers’ Collective meetings and work with WC.

  • Attend monthly Board meeting and report for café.

  • Attend monthly Finance Committee meeting.

  • Track café income and expenses and adjust prices to reflect supply/demand.

  • Prepare timely financial reports pertaining to food costs, salary, employee hrs, budget, & growth.

  • Monitor deviations from budget and maintain profit margins.

  • Monitor café performance and review reports with Finance committee regularly.

  • Weekly tip dispersal.

  • Payroll for café staff

  • Participate in and help coordinate events.

  • Respond to catering requests and ensure completion.   


  • Must be able to be on feet for 8 hours a day and occasional heavy lifting.   

  • Must be motivated and take initiative     

  • Previous Kitchen management experience.    

  • Excellent cooking skills and recipe development.     

  • Organizational and multitasking skills.        

  • Understanding of cost and inventory control.  

  • Friendly customer relations demeanor.    

  • Demonstrates leadership ability, such as experience delegating tasks and adequately training coworkers     

  • Communication skills; ability to listen, speak and write clearly. Can give and receive feedback and constructive criticism.    

  • Ability to work with people of a wide range of skills, personalities, and backgrounds.       

  • Willingness to work collaboratively with paid staff and volunteers.       

  • Computer literacy (Google Docs/Sheets, Excel, Windows).


  • Experience with a cooperative, not-for-profit business model.      

  • Experience with vegan and vegetarian food.      

  • Experience working in a strong team work environment.     

  • Ability to work within a set budget.    

  • Knowledge of menu and deli items.


  • Starting wage is $33,280 ($16/hour), plus tips when working in cafe.    

  • Paid biweekly.

  • Benefits include vacations and PTO.

  • Perks include: store discounts, shift meals.