The Riverwest Co-op is your neighborhood corner store. Here you won’t have to choose between convenience and conscience.

We are a small space, but we stock a large selection of products, many of them organic and fair trade. Many of our products come from local and independently owned businesses that share our ideals.  We have everything you need, from milk (whether cow, soy, rice, or almond) to locally-made frozen pizzas. Fresh produce is delivered from local growers throughout the week. We also offer bulk foods – including dried beans, rice, nuts, spices, cereal, and flour – as a way for our customers to save.
We strive to make good, wholesome foods accessible to the community we serve.
Our store carries more than just food. We carry health and beauty items, pet food, household goods, and cleaning supplies. We also have an ever-changing selection of crafts and gifts made by members of Riverwest’s incredible artist community!
Our grocery store is filled with a vibrant assortment of organic fruits and vegetables, and merchandise made by local artisans.

We have store specials throughout the week as well!

These discounts are in addition to your membership and volunteer discounts! That means up to 25% off!

  • Tuesdays: 10% off all El Rey Products

  • Wednesdays: 10% off all fresh produce

  • Thursdays: 10% off all bulk items

  • Fridays: 10% off selected local products