The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the effective management of volunteers and daily operations. In addition to volunteer coordination responsibilities, the VC is a store co­-manager and member of the Workers’ Collective. 
They are responsible for ensuring excellent daily store operations, prompt and friendly customer service, and a well­ maintained store appearance.


Full-time (40 hours weekly) hourly management position. Reports to Board of Directors. Member of the Workers’ Collective. 

Volunteer Coordination 

  • Recruit, orient, and place applicants for volunteer work in Store, Cafe, and committees. 

  • Conduct regular trainings with volunteers to ensure a smooth on-boarding process, bring everyone up to speed on changes in operations, and meet specific organization needs based on upcoming events, season changes, etc.

  • Schedule volunteer shifts. 

  • Have a back­up coverage plan for gaps in schedule and missed shifts. 

  • Communicate with all volunteers, during and between shifts. 

  • Pass on any necessary information from Workers Collective meetings to volunteers; be a liaison for volunteers in Workers Collective meetings. 

  • Clarify and enforce policies and procedures with volunteer staff. 

  • Visit with volunteers and observe volunteer shifts to get a grasp of issues and feedback. 

  • Praise, discipline, or terminate volunteer staff as deemed needed. 

  • Coordinate quarterly volunteer meetings. 

  • Monitor discount system so that volunteer discounts are being earned by active volunteers.

  • Reach out to customers to encourage and explain the benefits of membership and participation. 

  • Share virtues of volunteering with members and customers. 

  • Stay actively engaged in learning about industry trends and community preferences in volunteer recruitment and engagement.


  • The Volunteer Coordinator is expected to work in Store and Cafe as needed. 

  • Enforce the Co­op’s policies and procedures. 

  • Be prepared to address or answer questions of members and customers. 

  • Act as a liaison to members and customers. 

  • Be aware of the conditions of Co­op; complete or make aware tasks, maintenance, etc that need to be done. 

  • Help with inventory (stocking shelves and produce, etc). Participate in quarterly inventories. 

  • Open and close Store as needed.

 General Management Duties

  • Count register money and monitor change levels.

  • Staff register when necessary.

  • Coordinate bank deposits with other managers.

  • Maintain facility cleanliness and functionality.

  • Collaborate with paid staff and volunteers.

  • Create monthly reports for the Board of Directors and attend monthly Board meetings.

  • Participate in weekly Workers’ Collective meetings.

  • Collaborate with co-managers to meet individual department and shared goals, maintain accountability, enforce Riverwest Co-op policies, and identify areas of improvement.

  • Participate in at least one standing committee, determined by WC consensus.

  • Participation in hiring committees, as needed.

Customer Service

  • Treat people fairly, consistently, and with respect, upholding the co-op’s inclusivity statement. 

  • Answer questions and concerns of members, customers, and volunteers.

  • Address suggestions and complaints of members, customers and volunteers in a timely manner.

  • Work well with people of a wide range of skills and personalities.


  • Experience managing others in a professional environment.

  • Ability to communicate with many volunteers, and to give and receive feedback. 

  • Organization and ability to remember times, shifts, volunteers, dates, etc. 

  • Ability to discern the kind of supervision style and incentives to which volunteers best respond. 

  • Computer literacy, and good communication/ listening skills.

  • Ability to work in a volunteer-based organization with collective management.

  • Willingness  to work with people of a wide range of skills and personalities.

  • Eagerness to take ownership of a position requiring self-direction, reliability, creativity, and accountability.

  • Ability to organize schedules, personnel information, and prospective volunteer contact information.

  • Ability and willingness to learn store policies and procedures. 

  • Ability to track, count, and handle money.


  • Experience in volunteer management.

  • Knowledge of cooperatives, consensus decision-making, and alternative economic structures.

  • Experience working with natural foods.

Salary and Benefits

  • Starting wage is $14/hour (equates to an annual salary of about $29,120).

  • Paid biweekly.

  • Benefits include: vacation, PTO, and flexible schedule. Perks include: store discounts, shift meals. 

Along with your cover letter and resume, also include your answers to the following three essay questions

  1. In your opinion, describe a well-run cooperative grocery store and cafe with consensus-based management collective. Be specific.

  2. Describe a situation in which a conflict may occur between a volunteer’s needs, the Riverwest Co-op’s needs, and your personal needs. How do you handle this situation?

  3. The Volunteer Coordinator’s role is highly public. Describe what value you would bring as the Volunteer Coordinator to the broader Riverwest neighborhood.

PLEASE EMAIL RESUMES TO RACHEL At RachelM@riverwestcoop.org
Please include "Volunteer Coordinator Application" in the subject line